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MacBook Air models with 11" displays

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Water Spillage! No sound on MacBook Air!

After spilling water onto my mac’s keyboard, i instantly tried drying the top of the keyboard, straight after i tried to see if anything was damaged, to my surprise, everything was working fine, but as i went to a video of such, there was no sound so i thought it might have just been a bug, i tried the siri on my laptop, but yet again, no sound came out.

The only sound that comes out of the laptop is when it starts up and makes the usual start up sound, but after that, nothing works with the sound.

The internal speakers are selected, still no sound.

I’ve shut it down for the time being so it doesn’t become more damaged, do i have to take it somewhere to fix it? What’s wrong with it? And is it damaged?

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You'll need to give us a bit more on your system as Apple has made quite a few different versions, which is yours? 11" MacBook Airs


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Turn it upside down so any water can drain. Put it in a box with dessicant (like silica gel). I would leave it in there for at least 2 days. Dont check it by turning it on…you risk further damage

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Tom Please don't recommend Silica gel or rice neither will hep only delay the person from saving their system, Here's a bit more Don't Put Your Device in Rice. Here's Why

At this point I hope Cherry has gotten the system to someone who can properly fix it as three days is pushing it!


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