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Repair guides and support for read-only memory cartridges used in Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, and other handheld nintendo consoles.

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Game wont start for me

When i insert the game cartridge the words gameboy come up along with nintendo under it but doesnt actually start the game

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First things first, cleaning :)!

You could follow this:

Do you have more games to test? Perhaps it’s gameboy related instead of the game.

If that won’t work at all.. perhaps something inside is broken, anyway you need to open up the game and check the board.

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Other games are working , i opened it up and theres no dirt on inside


Hmm, I think something inside is broken, it will be very difficult to find out what it is and to repair it.. Those parts are also very hard to find. I guess you already did the cleaning thing?


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I think what you need to do is resolder the pins on the chips inside of the cartridge. One of them may be loose and by heating it up and getting back the connection should help. I have fixed a Kirby’s Dream Land that was doing the exact thing, so this is probably your issue.

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