Dsi has no Power, flashing orange light when charging.

Hello everyone!

After getting a broken second hand Dsi XL I went and got a top screen LCD to repair my dsi XL. At first the repair was successful, the dsi turned on and every button seemed to be working. 

Then I realized that the camera doesn't work. I wanted to see if it's a damaged cable or I just didn't connect it right, so I reopened the dsi and went back all the way to the top to check. Putting it back together one speaker wire broke off on the top side, so I soldered it back on, but apart from that I don't think I did much more. 

When I went and checked if the dsi is still turning on, it got no power. The battery didn't get recognized at all. I think power might still bee passing between the two boards, because it does flicker the orange light if I plug it in (when I disconnect the ribbon that joins the two boards it doesn't). 

How probable is that my dsi was killed, and can it be fixed?

Any answer would be appreciated, thank you in advance!

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