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Released June 2017, identified by model number: SM-J530F

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Galaxy J5(2017) disassembly - power switch fix

I was trying to fix a wet Galaxy J5 (the buttons and the touchscreen were broken) so i disassembled it, and i started cleaning the contacts (that were full of water and sand) with some alcohol. Now I don't understand how the power button works. I don't understand were it connects to the main board, but i noticed that one piece that seems to connect the power button to something else is broken. I don't know where to find a replacement. I've never disassembled a smartphone before so i don't really know what i'm doing but i just wanted to try. Anyone has any tips? I'll post photos of that power button.

In this image there's the back metal cover with the switch itself:

Block Image

In this image there's a little cable with two contacts, i don't know where it's attached but i'm sure it connects to the power switch on the back cover. That little cable is broken, one of the two contacts is ripped off:

Block Image

Sorry if i was not clear but i don't know how to explain this, also sorry for my bad english. Thank you for reading this.

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got same problem but it will not fix it


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I found the the power button on Ebay. And a couple of videos on how to take the phone apart and put it back together on YouTube.

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