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The Canon AE-1 is a 35 mm single-lens reflex (SLR) film camera for use with interchangeable lenses.

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Weird problem, the shutter curtain goes up after advancing the lever.

When I advance the lever the shutter curtain goes up by it self without releasing the shutter, the weird thing is that the shutter still fires and the curtain comes down after that certain time. This does not happen every time but after a few advances it goes up and stays there until I release the shutter. I checked the magnets all seem to work fine and also the battery level is normal.

Update (05/16/2020)

@danj It works exactly as you said, the problem is when I pull the lever the first curtain goes aside and when the second curtain arrives to its place, it goes up and stays there until the shutter is released. Like this photo:

Block Image

I was wrong about how the shutter works so here is a video of the problem:

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The Canon AE-1 uses a cloth curtain shutter which goes side to side. The reflex mirror goes up and down, normally down until you fire the shutter.

Are we talking about a different camera?


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OK, your reflex mirror is not working correctly. There is linkages along the side of the mirror box which controls the mirror. One of the springs has snapped so its not being help up when the shuttle is open.

You may want to find someone who repairs cameras professionally to fix yours. This is not an easy camera to open as you need to desolder a few wires and can easily damage a few things if you are not careful.

Here’s the service manual to give you an idea whats involved AE-A Repair manual

Jump to page 64 to see the linkage arms and springs which control the mirror.

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Thanks for your help but the mirror just works fine. I was wrong about how the shutter works so I took a slo-mo video of the problem.


You really need to review the manual. In any case this will take some effort to fix.

The shutter is held by an electro magnet at the bottom. This one is magnetic when not powered and then looses its magnetic action by the coil. Here you have a dirty surface so the bar is not being held by the magnet. But you also have a mirror latch problem as the shutter release should have fired off the Mirror raising mech.


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