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Kia introduced the second generation (JB) in the early 2005 model year in Europe and for model year 2006 in North America, based on a redesigned platform shared with the Hyundai Accent.

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How do I set camshaft timing

I have an 09 Kia Rio I bought a used head for. They loosened up both cams and the tensioner . Do you have a diagram so I can reset the cams

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I need to know what engine it has and is it a single or double cam?


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Timing in the Camshaft. Rotate the crankshaft clockwise to 90 degrees after TDC. This will make sure all the pistons are half way down the bore. Now position the dial gauge so that it can read the lift of the inlet valve of number 1 cylinder from the top of the valve retainer. For more in for regarding auto parts you can visit

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Try this KIA Rio Repair Manual

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