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This page contains repair and more information about the Frigidaire FFHB2740P**A refrigerator—a standalone, automatic defrost refrigerator without an ice maker or through-the-door dispenser, released in 2014. This page covers information for model numbers matching the pattern FFHB2740P**A.

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Evaporator Fan in ice maker won't turn on

Hey all will try to make this bullet point succinct.

  • Ice maker had stopped working about a 8 months ago I took it apart and discovered that moisture had built up and frozen on the fan blades disallowing it from spinning. A quick thaw and slapped back together and everything worked fine.
  • Last week the ice maker stopped working again did the same steps but the fan wasn't blocked or anything so I thawed and put it back together but no luck this time.
  • Did some testing and some research, the evaporator coil had some slight frost build up but nothing too alarming and could be due to the fan not running.
  • I tested the current on the evaporator coil and the thermostat and both had current flowing to it. Then I checked the current on the fan and same thing. However the fan would never spin.
  • The fan was capable and I wanted to eliminate it as an issue so I actually unplugged and plugged it into my PC's motherboard and boom it worked perfectly.
  • I plugged it back into the fridge but it still won't spin, the door is shut and the coils are cold but nothing. I turned off the fridge and unplugged it for an hour to power cycle it and when I turned the fridge back on the fan spun for about 5 seconds then stopped.
  • It seems like whatever signal the board is supposed to send to the fan it isn't. Is there anyway to fix this, new board? Soldering old board? Any ideas of other things that could be sending the board faulty information?

Any help or ideas is appreciated!

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What is the model number of the refrigerator?

By evaporator coil do you mean the defrost heater?

How many wires are connected to the fan? If more than two then it may have a speed sensor which would send information back to the control board to indicate that it was operating. You would need to check where the 3rd? wire (assuming red and black are for power) from the fan connected to the board and first prove continuity from the fan connector to the board and then inspect the board from where the wire connects to etc



Model #: FFHB2740PS9A

And yes I meant the defrost heater got my words mixed up

The fan doesn't have a speed control, it only has 2 wires connecting to it. The connection is good to the board and the contacts for the fan are in place. Seems less of an electrical problem as the fan spins when the fridge is turned on, thinking there might be something wrong with the board? Must be either the board isn't sending the signal to turn the fan on or some piece that tells the board to turn the fan on is malfunctioning?


Hi Matt, Have you got your issue resolved. I have the same issue and trying to find the solution no luck - Thank you


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Check if the door switches and the door reed switches are working OK. (Type “switch” in the Search parts for this model box to find the location of all the switches. There are 4 - part #14, 83, 93 and 210. Here’s a link to the parts for the refrigerator which includes a wiring diagram, which may help.

Manually operate the door switches and check if the light goes out in the compartment with the door open.

I’m not sure about the reed switches but the door switches are not only used to inform the control board to turn on the light when a door is opened but also to turn off the evaporator fan at the same time, to prevent the cold air being blown out of the compartment. When the door is shut again the evaporator fan should start operating again, as long as the compressor is also running. If the compressor is stopped then the correct set temperature must be in both the compartments, therefore no need to run the evaporator fan or the refrigerator is in the defrost cycle.

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