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A security and intelligent doorbell that live streams 24/7 and notifies you if someone is at your door.

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not working Nest Hello

two devices were installed and working then after two weeks not working and not even a light .

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If your situation is similar to mine, I had a power cut (power outage) that happened when the outdoor temperature was below freezing. As a result my Nest Hello (Gen 1) wired doorbell never rebooted when power was restored. Solution: Disconnect it, bring it inside, power it up on USB (leave it alone for about 30 minutes to heatback up to room-temperature). Then reinstall it (quickly) while back outside. It's now happily wired-back and online.

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This is confusing - a wired doorbell has to be charged/powered up on USB? Why even bother with a wired power connection then?


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