Bluetooth doesn't stay connected

If I’m listening to audio over this device it works fine. The problem is that I want to keep my phone in another room when I go to bed. I bought this for the purpose of taking calls if they come in while avoiding the temptation to play around with my phone. If I connect the device and leave it alone eventually it disconnects by itself. Is there some way to prevent this?

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Hi @dlx79 ,

Just wondering how far away from the device that your phone is when in the other room?

BT has a range of ~33' (approx. 10 metres) indoors, so if the phone is this far away and if there is any obstructions in between e.g. a concrete wall or even an electrical appliance which it emitting EMR, the distance is less as the BT signal strength could be reduced and therefore the device may disconnect.

Try moving the phone closer, whilst still out of reach and see if that changes anything.

Just a thought.


I've tried putting it in my bathroom 10 feet away with the door opened. It still disconnects after a period of time. Maybe it's supposed to cut off if not used for awhile?


@dlx79 ,

I know of some BT speakers that shut down after a period of no input but there is no mention of this in the user manual for the device.

Have you got another phone that you can try, just in case it is not the iHome but the phone that is releasing the connection?

Also check in the phone's BT advanced settings area to see if there are any options there that may be the cause.


I'll try that. Thanks.


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