Opened my sodastream to look for issues, and the gold bar was missing!

The sodastream worked very poorly. I needed to press for ages to carbonate anything, and it barely carbonated. Gas canisters emptied way quicker than i felt they should as well, and sometimes the nozzle would keep spraying even when i stopped pressing, until i unscrewed the canister and then put it backin. I decided to open it up to see if i could find any problems, and in the dissassembly tutorial you remove a gold bar that i assume is for properly pressing and pulling several parts, but that bar is literally not in the machine? The hole for it is there so i am left bewildered.

Is this a manifacturing error, or just a different model? I’m having lot of errors so i hope this is the solution, but i have no idea where i would even find such an obscure part. Then again maybe any generic sylinder that fits would do the trick. Thoughts?

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