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This unit cools or heats the water it circulates through the ChiliPad mattress pad. Model: CP-CUBE

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F2 code what's wrong?

Help my chill cube made the “waters low “ alarm but said F2 . I unplugged as suggested, it worked…i thought … only for about 5 minutes them code and off again.

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My cube needed more water, and it went on for days, but then stopped. Don't know if I have a small leak or what.


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I just read on their website that if you unplug it and it continues to happen that you will need to call their Customer Service Department.

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What is their customer support phone number. I cannot find it and they will not return my emails. I have written 3 with 3 different ticket numbers. All promising to get back to me in one business day a week later not one reply. Thanks.


What is their phone number? I can't find it. I have attempted to use their email customer service 3 different times and not once Have they replied. I get an automated message saying they will be with me in one business day. Week later not one response with 3 different ticket numbers. Their email support is lacking I hope the phone number helps. Thanks


877-235-6271 customer service

Keep records of every contact, including voicemails. Customer service sucks. They promised repairs, and then denied while under warranty. After serial numbers were emailed, they said my 2 units were v1 models, and they no longer carry parts for those. I proved they were v2 units with pics of the hose attachment junction and user manual clearly stating v2 cubes.

They then offered repair, if I paid. I agreed, and they denied again, stating "new management/ownership of business and lack of supplies to repair"... after weeks and weeks of emails and calls.

Their incompetence wore me down. I ended up buying a used Ooler on eBay for $250 and cleaned it thoroughly 4 times and it's working great. I'll never buy anything from them again.

You can file a complaint, which it seems they will address if your facts stack up.

Good luck!


(704) 235-6831 according to their Facebook page. Wow I never had a problem (all bought before they became sleep me) and I had a model before the cube! lol

My cubes has issues... even after warranty they let me buy refurbished one pretty cheap and adapter since that had changed.

It was several years old.

I upgraded to Oooler and LOVE IT!! I did have problems with pad leaking. I had to email picture of where it leaked... (I also stated room temp and humidity levels as that could explain moisture... nope this was a leak by my shoulder) reply in a day and by weeks end I had a new pad!

Part I got upset about:

Sadly, then they made yet another version that the pad seems super great. If only they advertised it was coming out. :-( I'd have waited. Rather irked me as I had emailed them shortly before.


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