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The Nikon D2X is a 12.4-megapixel professional DSLR that Nikon Corporation announced on September 16, 2004.

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Autofocus failure with AF.S lens

Hello I bought a D2X in very good condition (30000clic), it worked very well and for a few days when I put an AF lens. The battery indicator goes from full to empty and the focus does not work. works with AF.D and AI lenses. I can't seem to have the repair manual. I'm used to disassembling this type of camera but I don't know where the fault comes from. already cleaned the contacts carefully without result. Any help will be welcome. Thank you

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My auto focus problems with this same camera, happened when I replaced the focusing screen. The metal drop down tray that holds the screen, is very delicate, and now even the slightest bump of the camera (even in a camera bag) and the focusing screen moves, or drops out completely. If it moves slightly the camera will just not auto focus on anything. Your problem may be something else but Ive solved my problem by slightly bending the metal frame so it keeps the screen in place.

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I also bought mine recently and I can’t change the focus point plus the camera autofocus is slightly off. I did try all basic troubleshooting problems but so far I cant find where the problem is. Did anyone experience a similar issue? Please don’t suggest unlocking the focus because it was the first thing I checked. So the focus point is stacked in the middle and I’m not able to select any other focus points.

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