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Ethernet is a widely used computer networking technology that allows devices to communicate with each other over a network. It is commonly associated with twisted pair cabling, which is a type of cable that consists of pairs of insulated wires twisted together to reduce interference.

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Resources for learning to install ethernet outlets in my house.

The solution might be out of scope for ifixit, but I know ifixiters will know the resources.

In my house, I want to separate my desktop computer from the modem & router. Maybe I can even get some of that stuff in the (full-height/easy access) basement.

So, I want to learn how to install ethernet wall outlets. It will likely be a straight run from wall outlet (in the basement) to wall outlet (in office). The traffic will be for basic household use: streaming, accessing NAS, browsing. I live solo, so I don’t need much speed, though I’d like to be able to change that with a phone call (and more $$ each month). I currently pay for just under 30Mbps.

  1. Any reason to not do Cat6? I like to future-proof stuff.
  2. What tools/tool kit do I really need for a one-time project?
  3. Any resources for learning? Tips and Tricks?
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Hi Keystone 

Here are some of my input.

Alright, depending on your budget and misc, but minimum cat 6, will you be laying cables all by yourself? or contractor to lay the cables and perform patching and termination by yourself?

Any estimated cable points you are going to lay out?

Normally i will also make and print a copy of a floorplan / blueprint for a reference. Easy to locate and troubleshoot.

If you have a label printer, it is good also to label those.

Is your apartment having any riser to go access to pull the cables? Check for this also, it would be handy.

Get reputable network cables, e.g. Belden, Panduit, AMP, 3M.

If your place is “noisy” shielded is a good option for internal cable backbone run.

I will take EIA-TIA-568B wiring as a guide. which I do normally.

Block Image

In Summary of parts you need for cabling matters,

If your apartment is big, suggest to get a drum / box of cable, est about 305M or 1000ft

# Network RJ-45 connectors, think how much you need, get some spares. get reputable like 3M, AMP

If you lay all by yourself, there are some consideration, best if the backbone cables are concealed inside conduit, to prevent rat bites, and misc. You might also need a fish tape puller to push and pull into.

Block Image

Conduit - Metal is best but can be costy, another alternative is use plastic.

Block Image

Fish Tape

Keystones, can get a little extra which I will do it for backup and for your practice.

Block Image

110 (One-Ten) Patch Panel at the termination point.

Block Image

Proper crimping tools

Block Image

I personally prefer this, to others, and punch tool.

Block Image

I suggest you get some of the yellow one as it is not so expensive, also handy to strip wires and punch to keystone.

Network tester, cheap and good I can think of now, SC8108

Block Image

, of course there are fluke and industrial tester, but this SC8108 get most of the job done. I know some of this have tone tracer, which is good to use for identifying the cables at the remote end.

Good wire cutter or garden pruning shears,

Block Image

Block Image

Cabling Summary

It is okay to lay a little more, which i suggest, in case of any keystone faceplate having issues, there are some excess which you can use of.

Some Optional:

Some Electrical wire tape, maybe to hold in place.

Block Image

Network cable “boots” to relieve strain stress on the cables end.

Block Image

If you need quick patch cables, and does not want to make yourself,

you can consider looking those ready made from monoprice, their cables are good also.

Feel free to look up for us if you need more help.

Video Tutorial

Some Examples of other user work done

Block Image


Block Image


Block Image

Termination point.

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