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Videos not playing and no sound


I have got a iphone 7 brought in for audio ic issue. While given the customer a spare phone to use whilst I dont the repair. She set it up from her iCloud backup, after doing that the same issue with sound was on it. Phone had been working fine till then. I took a look at her phone and saw that the speaker was not greyed out. But no audio played either loudspeaker or ear speaker. Also videos wont play at all. I have reset both phones but both have same problem after setting up. I am guessing its software and not hardware issue but what? I have an old iphone 6 as well that I put her back up on and the same sound issues come onto that phone, despite no issues before. Please help.

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I have just reset all settings again and phone know plays audio through the ear speaker on phone calls, and videos play but there is no audio through the loudspeaker? I have swapped it with known working parts and still same, I have tried the loudspeaker in another phone an d it works fine. I reflashed the firmware a couple of times and took her phone back to factory settings and set up as new phone, everything works fine. But from her iCloud back up gives the audio problems. She dosnt want to lose her data and pics.



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I have not seen this before and not having the phone in front of me it is a hard diagnostic. It could be one of the apps or maybe a corrupted file. I would connect it to 3uTools and export the pics and videos to USB than restore the phone and import them back.

If audio is good you can export and import other data until you find the problem app or file.

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Thanks will give that a try cheers


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