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This product is a 27-inch LED display with a resolution of 2650x1440 pixels released by Apple on July 27, 2010. It has the model number A1316.

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Apple Monitor A1407 Noise

I’m having some weird noise from the back top near left. I saw the other postings’ about the monitor’s noise issue but mine is little different than them. The model is A1407. The noise comes and gradually increases and disappears frequently.

Here’s the how it sounds;

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I think your fan unit is caked with dust which makes it unbalanced (the source of the low thunk noise). You’ll need to open the system and try cleaning the dust out. Use s small soft paint brush and a can of can’ed air to blow the debris out. If that fails you’ll need to replace it: 27” LED Cinema Display, Apple P/N ''''''922-9358

To get into the system you’ll need to take the display off. The display is mounted in the same way as the iMac Intel 27" EMC 2429 Display Replacement

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