Bypassing the lid lock on a kenmore elite top loading 6.2 washer

My washing machine is a kenmore elite 6.2 top load HE washing machine model # 31633611 110 series. I kept getting an F5 code and the lid lock was clicking but not locking. The user manual indicates an F5 code is a problem with the lock. I ordered a new locking assembly off Amazon, But due to it not being an essential item, it wont be here for a week. I believe i can bypass this lock in the meantime so i can do laundry. I do not have a wiring diagram, i do not know which wires i can twist together to bypass the lock. The wire assembly has 6 wires from left to right red, green, blue, black, brown and white any help would be greatly appreciated by me and my wife’s wrath of not being able to do laundry. Thanks in advance.

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