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The fifth-generation Volkswagen Jetta was introduced in January 2005.

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Brake lights work when headlights turn on one blinks and goes out

Ok I've replaced the bulbs and still brake lights works just fine but when I turn the headlights on the passenger side taillights blink and goes out but still works when I apply the brake and turn signal I can disconnect the battery for like a minute or two and they come back on but do the same thing blink and goes out when u turn the headlights on I've tried everything as far as bulbs go I think it could be a relay or some type control module just don't know where to find them the owner's manual don't give no information on where anything like that is please help I work 3rd shift and have to drive at night

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to find some of the fuses for the lights you can look under the hood and look for black box and it should have the fuses in it and under the lid it should have a schematic of what are all the fuses are and relays. also there are panels in the driver and passenger side by the feet area. also you can check the trunk and there might be panels which have fuses in there.

but from the sound of it you have a short some where in the wiring harness. which you would have to look under the car and in the engine bay and see if anything has be sliced and diced and connecting with something else.

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