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How to fix the screws into the wood again?

Hi I fit it community,

I reached out here thanks to Bea Johnson, author of “zero waste home”. Unfortunately living by myself makes things harder to fix sometimes.

I bought a shoe rack from Ikea, but some shelves keep falling down. The screws don’t fit into the wholes inside the wood (I try my best to explain as clear as possible). After watching some tutorials, decided to fit some safety matches with glue, to help the screws attach. Left a whole day to dry.

Today, I tried to fix the shelves again, without succeed. Screws still not fitting there.

Have you ever had this kind of problem?

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Can you post a few pics so we can see the shoe rack so we can see what piece keeps failing and then a couple of tight shots of the holes both in the board you are trying to fix and the other side and the screw you are using so we can see how much is going into the board. Adicionar imagens a uma pergunta já existente

That way we have an idea what you are facing.


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Hi Laura

You can get a wood paste, it’s very easy to use, try to find a video on YouTube how to use it.

Stay Home, Keep Safe

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