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Model A1286. Released February 2011 / 2.0, 2.2, or 2.3 GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7 Processor

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macOS High Sierra System Storage +100 GB


Does anyone have any recommend forums or solutions to figuring out what is causing System Storage to show +100 GB of space?

Block Image

Also, what forums do people use as trustworthy sources for fixes?

I see a lot of debating about not using programs like “CleanMyMac” on your Mac computers. Is there a better one, or is it just safer to use what Mac has and manually fix, clean storage files?

Thank you

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First 100 GB is not all system OS files! It is also the Indexes, logs, Virtual RAM and Caches your system needs. On my Mac Pro I currently have 410 GB allocated! Just a little storage ;-} Keep in mind I work on very large photo images on it. Now looking at my system folder its 12 GB in size. So let’s not panic here. ;-}

SSD’s rarely need the TLC a HDD needed. Unlike them you don’t get fragmentation which slows the file access. But you do need to be mindful of the way SSD’s work as unlike a HDD which can record and erase areas over and over again. SSD’s have a finite limit of record and erase events. So you don’t want to have a full drive. Here we really should have 1/4 of the drive left available so the wear-leveling services can do what it needs moving data blocks that are more heavily accessed to less used blocks.

So if one doesn’t need to worry about fragmentation and if I always leave 1/4 of the drive free what else do I need to worry about?

  • Cleaning out old apps and files to free up space
  • Keeping your OS and apps upto date with any security bug fixes.
  • Having a good antivirus app which you keep upto date.
  • Using an anti-malware app again that you keep updated.

As far as CleanMyMac, I strongly recommend you stick with the apps within the App Store as some of this to good to be true apps are just that to good to be true! This app has a checkered past so I would be cautious!

Apple App Store have been tested and verified. While I do use a few apps which are not offered on the App Store they are from companies that have been around quite awhile and have a spotless history.

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