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How can I install os on a hand me down MacBook?

I got a early 2011 macbook pro from some distant family however they wiped the mac before giving it to me so I tried to install the operating system from the recovery mode but it asks me for an apple id and password. I never owned a apple product before so I made one on my PC but when I type it in it just says This Apple ID has not yet been used with the App Store and when I click on review it does nothing. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

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Apple has been cleaning house of the older OS-X releases from the recovery server, which is why you can’t get the older ones.

The best thing here is to get the OS installer from here: How to upgrade to macOS Sierra Jump to Step 4 for the link. Then using your system if you can or a second Mac setup a bootable USB thumb drive OS installer, following this: How to create a bootable macOS Sierra installer drive.

I do recommend sticking at this release as the older SATA based systems work better with HFS+ than APFS which will be forced on you if you go higher.

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Internet Recovery will prompt for any apple ID account if you have one to sign in to download the Mac OS installer.

You will need to create an apple ID with any other computer available from a friend for example then you can use that same apple ID to sign into that Mac and it should let you set up and install Mac OS on the macbook.

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I did this but whenever I put in a apple ID it says this item is currently unavailable.


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