Turning radius is poor, obstruction blocking

My three-year-old recently took it upon himself to bury his Maisto Rock Crawler in the sand. The device’s turning radius is now much larger than it was. I think there is a physical obstruction within the plastic housing for the front axle. I think this because the turning radius is very poor - the wheels now only turn minimally to the left and right. The Rock Crawler goes straight forward and backward just fine. I am trying to find an online guide so that I can disassemble the plastic housing and get to the guts of the axle to clean out the physical obstruction. I have removed all of the screws of the front motor/axle housing, but I cannot figure out how to disassemble the housing. Am I overlooking a hidden screw somewhere? Maybe there is an internal latch that I do not know about? I have tried to find a schematic or instructions online about how to disassemble this front plastic axle housing, but cannot find anything. Thanks for your help!

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