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The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a cellular smartphone that was released in October 2014. The Galaxy Note 4 Model Number is SM-N910, SM-N910A, SM-N910T, SM-N910V, or SM-N910R4 for American variants.

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My phone isn't turning on or charging. Are there any permanent fixes?

So last month my phone (Samsung Galaxy note 4) stopped charging and wouldn’t turn on. The phone is about 7 years old.

The temporary solution I got was pressing the power and volume buttons down without the battery for a minute and then doing the same thing with the battery in. This worked long enough for me to back up the majority of my documents.

I need to turn it on one more time to back up a very important conversation I had going with my best friend who passed away last year. However the temporary solution is no longer working and I really don’t want to lose this.

Are there any permanent fixes to this problem? Could I get some parts to be replaced to fix this? What would need to be done to create a more permanent solution?.

Any helpful answers are appreciated.

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Hi @pinkbutterfrog ,

Try replacing the battery and check if that resolves the problem.

Even rechargeable batteries have a lifespan

Update (03/14/2020)

@pinkbutterfrog ,

You could try replacing the USB charge port daughter board, and see if the battery starts to charge and the phone turns on.

It would be more prudent if once you opened the phone that you test it first to make sure that the USB connector is OK by testing it with an Ohmmeter for continuity etc. before ordering a replacement part

Here's a link to the ifixit Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Micro-USB Port Daughterboard Replacement guide which may be of some help.

if this seems all to daunting, contact a reputable, professional mobile phone repair service and ask for a quote for a repair. Impress upon them the need to maintain the data on the phone etc.

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I have already replaced the battery twice. It still hasn't fixed this issue.


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