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The 5th generation of the Moto E smartphones, released in May 2018. Model number XT1944 and XT1920DL

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I need to backup data from my android phone

I do not want to make hard reset before making a user data backup. I can enter to Fastboot but is Oem_Locked, habra algun archivo que pueda flash via "adb sideload" o alguna app que pueda usar to backup data from my android phone. if i try to start a shell via adb while the device is in recovery mode, i fail. the official firmware blocks the shell access in recovery. Solo quiero si me pueden indicar al menos una alternativa para recuperar mis datos

Mrs support, it is possible to access the user data of a motoE5 XT1920DL/Oreo, OS Fail, Phone restarts again. Tried making a user data backup Before Hard Reset. Fastboot Oem_Locked, available via "adb sideload" shell via adb in recovery mode, "Closed". I only want if you can indicate at least one alternative to recover my data

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If Oem_Locked not possible. Are you able to boot to android? If yes then copy files from there. If it is not starting, waiting on fastboot - not possible.


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If your phone can be connected to computer via usb cable, you can backup data from your Android phone to computer by using a third-party Coolmuster Android Assistant program. It’s easy and safe. You just need to connect your phone to computer, enable USB debugging on it. A short time scanning later, you can backup data on it to computer with one-click.

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