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Generally referred to as pants. Repairs range from patching a hole to replacing a zipper in Patagonia brand pants.

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Repairing rips/tears in ski pants.

My wife has a couple of jagged rip/tears on her ski pants—believe they are the snowbelle model.

The rip/tears are on the backside in the middle and left side below the belt loops.

Can they be repaired? Is there a temporary fix until the season is over—duct tape?

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REI sells some amazingly sticky tent repair patches. I’ve used them for nylon rain pants and powder pants. The patches are adhesive backed ripstop nylon fabric so they won’t stretch if the ski pants are stretchy. I don’t know what residue may remain on the pants if you plan to remove the patches later to make a “permanent” repair. ( I never plan to remove the patches I stuck on.)

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