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The Tiny Tot Driver is a children’s toy designed for children ages 12 to 36 months.

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Where does this part go?!

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Hello friends, so my nephews tiny tot driving wheels horn has been jammed into the wheel (halfway, but stuck) it has the toy on repeat when it is pushed hard and is also happening randomly, with movement of the toy.

So i removed the 11 screws for the casing, removed casing, removed the green lever thingy, im pretty sure it was only held in with one screw.

I was called for help so i had to put the toy down for a while.

When i came back i found a piece that i did not notice.

A little white piece of plastic with a screw hole on one end, a metal clip with 4 prongs on the other & some H shaped leg/brace?

I have looked all over this toy to try find its place but i am STUMPED!


I am now thinking it was held by the same screw that I removed from the green lever.

Perhaps it was under the lever and i didnt see it? And its purpose is to hold the black and red wires in place/ out of the way..?

( edit )

I am pretty sure it belongs here, as in photo 4.

Any help will be much appreciated!

Also going to try unstick the horn button now.

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Did you figure this out? I don’t know where it goes either


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This almost looks like the piece that goes behind the red wheel to make it turn. Or to move the clown from button to button

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