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The TI-84 Plus CSE was a graphing calculator by Texas Instruments released in 2014. It was the first TI-84 to be equipped with a color screen.

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"Waiting... Please Install Operating System Now"

My calculator says "Waiting... Please Install Operating System Now", and when pressing any button it says “Error! Press any key to turn unit off. Then turn unit back on”, then the process just repeats itself. I have tried to restart the calculator but it did not work. I also tried to download an OS from the TI website from my Mac to the calculator but it also did not work. I believe it said something along the lines of it wouldn’t download the operating system to the calculator because the calculator didn’t have OS, which was kinda the whole point of trying to download it! I also could have done it wrong though, so any help would be appreciated on how to get my calculator working again.

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@annaelk Hi, I'm very sorry I'm so late to this. While I come up with an answer, could you please tell me what OS version you're trying to send over? (Does the file name have 4.2 somewhere in it?) Also, what happens if you connect the calculator to the computer, open TI Connect CE, go to 'actions' then click 'send OS/ bundle to calculator' then select the OS you want to send? Lastly, what were you doing just before it broke? (Is there water damage, did you accidentally drop it?)


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Hi, it sounds like your calculator is still functioning, you may have misunderstood how to send over the OS. Here’s a tutorial for the TI 84 Plus CE: TI-84 Plus CE Recovery Techniques.

Although it’s a different model, the steps are very similar. The only difference is you need to send over OS 4.2 which you can find here: I think your problem may have been you tried to send over the incorrect OS because I couldn’t find a compatible version for your calculator on TI’s website. Where did you happen to find your copy?

Your calculator should be working again. If it’s not, I may have something else you can try to fix it!

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Bruh that's a TI-84 CE. This is for a TI-84 Plus C silver edition.


@corbanizer The steps are almost exactly the same. I noted the few differences in my answer. Is something not working for you?


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Get Ti-connect, plug the calculator in, then go to software. Select check for updates and it should said it needs to be updated. Then select update and wait for the installation to be done.

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There are two Ti calculator programs. Get the older one.


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