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The Nintendo GameCube Controller DOL-003. Released November 2001, compatible with Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii U, and Nintendo Switch. Repair for this device is straightforward and requires only common tools.

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gamecube controller drifting when I move left

I noticed that when I play super smash bros ultimate, even when i push my control stick to the right, my character goes to the left. I think it is a drifting issue, can anyone help me with this issue?

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I had a Wavebird that was having the same issue. You need to replace the stickbox. You can order an aftermarket stickbox from Amazon or Aliexpress. What I prefer to do is to get a Wii Nunchuk with a good stick and desolder the stickbox. The Nunchuk and Gamecube controller use the exact same stickbox so you can simply solder it onto your Gamecube controller.

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Was is the stickbox? Do I need a screwdriver to get the stickbox out?


The stickbox is what actually reads your stick movements. To replace it you'll need a Tri-Wing screwdriver and a soldering iron. Here's a tutorial.


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