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Repair information and guides for the long-awaited refresh of the popular MacBook Air, featuring Intel's Core i5 processors, an updated Retina Display, and numerous other changes and updates that was released on November 7th, 2018.

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MacBook will not turn on or show signs of power

MacBook Air A1932 won’t turn on

I’m trying to fix a MacBook Air for my friend, but it doesn’t seem to power on at all. Here’s what I’ve tried:

  1. Tried a different charger
  2. Disconnected battery and plugged charger in (not sure if it’s even supposed to turn on this way?)
  3. Reseated the battery

Fan doesn’t seem to turn on, no noises can be heard when plugging in the charger. No lights or any sign that the MacBook is even turning on.

Could it really be a dead battery? Fried logic board? It’s a pretty new model and definitely no sign of corrosion/water damage when I took a look at it.

The only thing I found odd is the charging cable

Block Image

It still works, but kinda looks like it got burnt or damaged in some way?

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Yes! The cable is damaged. You’ll need to get a new one make sure you get the proper one as there are different cables now for USB-C! Some don’t offer the proper wire gage for the power lines, some are not even wired for power at all. Best to get a real Apple cable.

But I’m not sure that’s all you’ll need here. I’m not sure if your USB-C port and the charger logic within your system also got damaged. At this point I would use a USB-C power meter to measure the voltage and current draw.

Update (02/12/2020)

@juli09 - The port board will need to be checked for burnt marks or other damage. If it is then you’ll need to replace it.

It is not all I was thinking! The power logic on the logic board as seen here, the two marked in Blue

Block Image

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hey, i greatly appreciate the response!

yea i definitely wouldn't use the cable again, but it does seem to still work but will let my friend know to get a new apple one instead.

is this what you're referring to as what could possibly be damaged? MacBook Air 13" (Late 2018-Late 2020) USB-C Board

also, the charger logic within my system.. is that a seperate component? or is that on the logic/mainboard? i have experience in repairing but i have never worked on a mac before. sorry for the many questions btw.

and one last thing, testing the port would indicate if the ports bad? the battery is bad? the logic board is bad?


Hey Dan, got another update for you if you don’t mind helping me once more. So, I once again disconnected the battery, plugged a charger in, and there is one light in the logic board that lights up and the haptic touch in the touch pad begins to work as well. A sign of life maybe?

I’m ruling out that the battery is the issue as the MacBook doesn’t seem to fully turn on with it connected or not. I feel as if it’s either:

A: logic board

B: usb c board

I guess what I’m stuck on is, is it possible that there’s not enough power flowing through the usb C board due to it potentially being faulty? So maybe that’s why the haptic touch works but it can’t light up the display?

Or maybe it’s just a faulty charging chip on the logic board and it’s done for

Can post pics of anything if you need me to, but everything seems fine.


There is a point you need to just dig in. Did you inspect the ports connectors surfaces after taking it out?

If it looks OK then I think you've narrowed down the issue to the logic board. If not, first replace it and test again.


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