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How do I remove stripped pentalobe screws?

Before you go posting links to articles and videos I have to say I’ve tried superglue, rubber band and duct tape method! One screw is halfway out so I tried Gently using pliers and did not work either. I’m guessing the tool kit I bought from amazon is what did this. The top of the screws are stripped. There’s no grip left because I’m assuming this new pentalobe screwdriver wore it away. Any help is appreciated please just don’t say what I’ve already tried or post links if all it says are the methods I’ve used. I need a new method because nothing is working. Thank you

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if you still have this issue you could try tapping a slightly oversized pentalobe or torx into the screws with a small hammer, it works to pull stripped allen screws sometimes


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Sharpen your pentalope screwdriver first. Apply a bit of alcohol to the stripped screw. Put plastic on top of the screw the try to unscrew

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