Everything is working but I still have no signal to my pc

So I upgraded my cpu and got no signal and I was told I need to update my Bios so I took that one out and put my old one back in and I still don’t have a signal and I've tried everything


Cpu:Ryzen 5 1400

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That CPU works since BIOS update 0217. What number is yours?

What do you mean by "got no signal"?

What did you try? You don't say.

You couldn't have "tried everything" or you would have already answered your question.

Does it power up? Do the fans spin? Does anything appear on the monitor screen? Does ther activity light flash? Have you ever upgraded a CPU before? Are you sure the CPU is seated correctly in the AM4 socket? Did you apply a small amount of heat paste to the CPU before installing the heat sink?

Etc., etc., etc...

If you want people to try to help you you MUST be more specific other wise you are simply wasting your time and ours. Having said that at least thank you for stating the motherboard model and the CPU.


I just got the PC for Christmas and it worked fine until I installed my new cpu, so first I got a no signal on my monitor and the DisplayPort and hdmi do not work so I can't see anything to try and fix it. I have tried reseating everything in the pc and everything else people have told me to do and yes everything turns on fine the fans spin all the correct lights are on it's just the monitor that says no signal I've looked up so many different things I've done them all and nothing has worked so far I apologize for not being clear enough. @aactech


@Jake Donn

Hi Jake,

That's alright.

So now the old CPU does not work either. Is that correct?

Does the hard drive activity light flash?

This tells you that the computer is booting up.

Have you rest the BIOS? This puts it in factory default mode.

Does the monitor show anything like looking for Display Port, HDMI, etc.?

You see we need simple, specific data to help you.

Use a piece of paper and set up a check list so that you/we know what has been done already and in what sequence. This is important. This stops one chasing the dog's tail. You need to be calm and cool.

We'll get there. Remember the one solution itself is very simple it is just finding that "one simple solution" that can be difficult.


The problem is I don't know if it's the CPU that's acting up the activity light does flash like before and no I haven't been able to see my screen to reset the Bios I have tried all 3 Hdmi settings on my monitor and with the PC I have used all the DisplayPort and Hdmi plugins on my GPU and I haven't gotten a signal @aactech


If the activity light is flashing then the CPU is O.K. as the computer is booting up.

So it is in the video system where the problem is. Resetting the BIOS/EUFI is the next step.

O.K. to reset the BIOS you will need to turn off , unplug the mains cable and then press the power on button to discharge all the power on the motherboards (capacitors which are like short term batteries to smooth out voltage).

Now open the case and look for the CLRCT jumper which I believe is near the "coin" battery. Manual is not clear here.

I personally always take out the battery as well.

You short the two pins with a screw driver (page 1-3 in the manual) for a few seconds.

Plug in power cord.

Turn on power while holding down the DEL key on the keyboard which should take you to the BIOS/UEFI screen.


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