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Changing iPhone 6s volume silent ringer switch cable need help!

Hi everyone I need some major help

im changing the silent ringer cable and volume cable light cable power cable.

Im having issues re assembling the silent ringer section as I’m finding the ringer switch won’t toggle between the 2. I have only tried without the screws in and also with out the bracket.

Would i I need to put the bracket on first?

Any help appreciated thanks

Update (02/09/2020)

Hi got round that issue but having another issue where the silent ringer switch works with the screen off the phone but with the screen attached it won’t work? Could it be the screen itself ? Or do you think there could be excess plastic on the screen ? Any help appreciated. Thanks

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Ok great is there a particular way I should glue it because I purchased just cable and will a bit of super glues do the trick? Thanks


Guys i found the fix the bracket has 2 small bracket hook things on each end I didn’t put the switch inside that which was causing the issue. But now I’m finding another issue with the flashlight which isn’t actually being seated flush to the casing as it’s got 2 things sticking out preventing it from sitting flush any ideas?


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If the switch works you should try screwing it correctly in place. In case you purchased just the naked cable it needs to be correctly glued to the metal stands, it’s easy to make mistakes in mounting. After wasting many hours in the past, especially with older iPhones that had common power switch issues, I started buying flexes with already mounted metal stands. If you still have issues, a picture might help understanding what the problem really is.

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Hi @arbaman i ha e got round that issue now I have another one, the silent switch is working properly with the screen unattached to the phone, but when the screen is attached it doesn’t move. Do you think it can be excess plastic on the screen because I had to change the screen aswell? Thanks in advance


Hi I fixed the issue it was excess plastic on the screen


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