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In June 2017 Apple updated its 13" MacBook Air with a newer Broadwell Intel Core i5 processor, resulting in slightly increased performance and battery life.

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Help diagnosing broken display assembly

Hi all,

I accidentally applied some pressure to the bottom part of the display on my 13” macbook air 2017 (near the hinge, whilst closed). This initially caused the top half of the display to show not work properly, showing lines. It then gradually got worse, until the entire display would only show colored lines.

I found that applying pressure to the bottom left hand side of the display temporarily mitigated the problem. I’m aware this is where one of the ribbon cables is, and guess this means it’s damaged? See attached video:

I was able to use the macbook normally when plugged into an external display. Because of this I assumed it was not a faulty graphics card, but some fault with the display cables. I don’t think the display it’s self is cracked as there is no visible crack. (Could I be wrong??)

I attempted replacing the LVDS connector myself, by replacing the hinge assembly but this was apparently not the cause of the problem. I can’t see any visible corrosion on the LVDS connector on the logic board either, so am assuming this too is fine.

The machine still boots, and works normally when attached to a display. I now think the problem may be to do with the LCD it’s self and the ribbon cables that attach it to the LVDS assembly (not sure about terminology here..).

I’m posting to try and get some help validating my assumptions. I’m not sure what the best next step would be, should I replace the LCD by separating it from the backlight and installing a new one? Is there some other component that is possibly the problem? I would not want to go to the trouble of replacing the LCD to find it was some other component! I could buy a completely new display assembly, but this feels wasteful!

I’ve never really done any repair this big before and whilst I’m willing to experiment (I have another laptop, so it is not an urgent repair) I’m currently feeling a bit out of my depth!

Thanks! Any help or advice greatly appreciated :)

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have a very similar problem, connect trough an external display everything works fine, but the display from the M1 MacBook Air is distorted with horizontal flikkering lines. if I fully open the display and gently press it a bit more backwards the flickering I assume it is the display cable

if any one has a fix..would be greatly appreciated


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From the looks of the issue and your description I’m pretty convinced it’s a Lcd panel issue, probably the delicate cable between screen and screen board got slightly damaged. You can of course replace just the lcd by getting some insight from youtube replacement videos, there are quite a few available. However be ready for a sloppy result too, it’s quite a difficult job and first times is almost inevitable to damage backlight sheets and trap dust in it, since I suppose you won’t be working in a white room. To be sure the issue is the lid you’ll have to pay a pro who has parts available or get a known good part and try it yourself, nobody can say for sure what the problem is from a video or a picture.

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I was afraid that may be the answer. Thanks for your reply! I will replace the entire assembly, and should be able to sell the other one for parts anyway.



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