help for reverse voltaged system.

Hi All, my first post here.

The long story is this, my grand neice (14) borrowed my laptop to do some homework, she hadnt finished by the time she went home so she took it with her, the brick charger died so she returned it with another charger plus the original, she told me the charger had “smoked” around 10 pm so she ran it on battery for a couple of hours. new charger was the same voltage and current so i plugged it in to recharge it, idiot me didnt check the polarity. and of course when i plugged in it promptly blew the protection circuit.

i know the rest of the system still functions as i ran it on battery for 10 minutes till it automatically shut down with low battery warning.

i am 66 years old and have been into electronics/computers and radio for over 40 years.i can replace what needs replacing BUT, to do this i need a circuit diagram to get some idea of where to find what needs replacing. PLEASE can anyone help?

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Not clear from your post: Is the laptop working? If yes, then get a new charger or open and see inside. If the laptop is not working then perhaps some capacitors or IC blew. Need to open and see. If possible attach pictures here.


@craftyonetoo for any schematic we would need to know exactly what board your computer has. The maker and model number should be silk screened onto the board. Post a couple of good pictures of what you see when you disassemble the laptop so we can see what you see. Adicionar imagens a uma pergunta já existente


the battery is flat, it shut down properly before battery lost power.i HAVE replaced the charger but it doesnt charge the battery, leading me to the conclusion of protection circuit activation or blown chips or components if there was no circuit protection.the laptop is in storage at the moment, as i have another laptop.will dig it out in the next few days when i can get transport down there..


@craftyonetoo sounds good. Let us know when you got it back so we can all try to getting it fixed


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