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Repair guides and support for wireless and corded computer mice by Logitech.

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MX Vertical Optical Repair

Hi there, my MX Vertical isn’t moving the cursor anymore.. However, the buttons still work (e.g., left/right click, wheel, fwd/back, etc.). Does anyone know of a way to repair this?

Is the optical sensor easy to replace? Could this perhaps just come loose?

Any experience with this issue would be greatly appreciated as I haven’t seen anything pertaining to this particular mouse.


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Found this video, it’s in Vietnamese but it helped me open the mouse and fix that cursor issue.

turns out the lens connector was loose

Good luck!

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So I figured it out. Thanks to that video provided by @justicegoat I was reassured that this device could be opened safely without breaking it, i.e., no glue.

I opened it up and noticed that the sensor was just loose and was no longer pointing to where it should be. Unfortunately the anti-stick strips couldn't be salvaged.

It was easy to clip it back in place. I had dropped this mouse from my desk enough that it must've dislodged from its clipped home. Oops.

Great mouse, though.

See images.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Thank you, thank you. Even I, a 64 year old grandma with limited tech experience, was able to fix my mouse. Thank you!


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I don’t think you can replace the optical sensor since most mouses have it soldered on the mainboard.

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I followed @l3fl3r instructions. Thanks!

Also, by being careful, I managed to remove the anti-stick strips/skate/feet and put them back after.

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