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The Asus Republic of Gamers G20 is a small-form-factor gaming PC with enthusiast-level components and good performance. Released in 2014.

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My computer will work fine except while gaming

My computer works fine except when I am playing certain games for a long time, then it will randomly switch to a randomly colored screen and buzzing will play in the headset.

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(3D) Games are much more demanding than most other software. The pc needs to work hard, doing a bazillion calculations a second, in order to provide, in (perceived) real time, a realistic and interactive virtual environment. The random colored screen you are experiencing is likely caused by your game software trying to get the PC to do more than it was designed to do. Sometimes this causes a loop somewhere and that can be heard as audio buzzing or maybe the last quarter-second of audio endlessly repeating while the machine is completely unresponsive. There are some things you can do besides purchasing upgrades (but upgrades are nice):

If you have already gone to the PC brand’s website and updated all your drivers then check the minimum requirements on the game box, or find a web site that lists those minimums. It sounds like you need to go into the game options and lower or disable some settings. Typically you will trade graphics quality for performance so:

*turn off volumetric lighting,

*reduce lighting and shadow details as well as

  • texture detail,

*turn down or turn off reflections,

*turn down or off anti-aliasing, and

*reduce the number of particles and decals that it will need to track.

Try to keep the display resolution at the native value and it’s up to you if you want to narrow the field of view. While it can offer noticeable frame rate gains to narrow the FOV, it also impairs your ability to play the game properly since you cant see as much.

Also if you can cap the frame rate at 30 or a little lower it will help to reduce wasted frames that get skipped in order to fix timing. In the old days we used to modify the swap file settings so that instead of letting Windows constantly adjust the swap according to its needs, it would be set to a permanent size by noting the “recommended” size and then entering that amount into the minimum and maximum file size boxes. The problem these days is that the recommended size is usually too small and results in crashing. The performance increase to be had here is not as dramatic, though, as it used to be. Hope this helps a little and remember the very first thing to do is to update your drivers.

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