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8MP Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom

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Why won't my camera charge? It doesn't show red when plugged in

My Samsung ES95 camera will not charge! When plugged in the Red light doesn't come on. It's as if the charger doesn't even fit it anymore! I've tried several different USB cables.

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Hi @freddie1957

Does it show that it is charging when you connect the camera to a computer’s USB port?

If so then the charging adapter is faulty.

If not, visually inspect the camera’s USB port using a magnifying glass and a strong light. Check that all the pins (5) are there and that they are straight and parallel with each other and are not bent or broken off.

Also check that there is no debris in the port enclosure which may prevent a good electrical connection. If there is DO NOT use a metal pin or probe to try and get it out. Use a vacuum cleaner to try and suck it out. If it won’t move, use a sharpened wooden toothpick to gently, stress gently try and prise it out. You don’t want to damage the pins

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