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Won't turn on or charge

My Macbook won't even turn on or charge.

When I charge it. I see only a dim light on it.

After searching online I tried unplugging the battery and connecting the charger. Usually in videos it gets fixed after that. But it didn't for my case.

So I'm wondering if I need to change the magsafe jack or my board is fried.

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If you are seeing a dim light on the MagSafe charger (Green) that would imply the charging logic within your system has a problem.


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What does the battery checker within the battery tell you? Are you getting a full set of LED's when you press the checker button?

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It won't show any light.

How much does that cost? And is it a hard job replacing it?


Sadly, you'll need a new logic board which is hard to find for this series. Maybe someone local to you has the skills to fix your logic board as thats the only option.


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