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What is the best technique to remove a Shattered screen (digitizer)

After heating the digitizer, I use a thin metal pry tool to lift the screen and then a plectrum and alcohol to release the glue holding down the digitizer. I have tried putting packing tape, masking tape and 3M clear tape on top the screen to bond the splintered section together to get as much of the screen off in one go, as possible, but the tape does not hold the splintered sections in place.

Getting the screen off in one piece drastically reduces the repair time.

I am going to try some Gorilla Duct Tape next and am even thinking of even trying to bond a screen protector with UV glue

Does any one have any suggestions?

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Regular packing tape has never really worked for me. If a screen was really destroyed, I would use duct tape which worked well, but I would leave the edges (path of the heat gun) of the digitizer not taped. Doing that limited the amount of heat on the tape reducing the chance of a burning tape odor. I would then just manually remove what remained on the frame of the iPad. I wouldn’t recommend UV glue because it’s expensive and risky in that matter.

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As the screen is shattered and no longer useful we can use force on three sides, except the side on earpiece. The best part for prying an iPad is having patience. Use the metal spudger for prying.

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