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The 1998 version is based on the original Beetle but, in comparison with the old model of the vehicle, it is way more spacious and equipped with more advanced features.

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I have to release the gas pedal for the car to shift into gear.

I installed a new timing belt on a 2004 vw beetle 2.0 non turbo and the teeth lines on the cam and crank seem right of what I can identify on these lines and I have to release the gas pedal for the car to shift into gear. Any clue what the issue is. Now I have a code popping up saying the car isn’t reading the cam sensor and cylinder 4 is open which gives me a small miss at times but I did change my plugs while I did my timing and water pump so guessing I damaged the wires or coil acting dumb. I never had any of these issues before the car broke down. I got lucky the timing belt lost teeth which made the motor stop while sitting at idle and luckily saved my motor I believe. It drives good if I barely hit the gas pedal driving and also allows it to shift but as soon as I put power to it it’s want shift into the next gear. Scared I’m gonna really tear this car up after investing a lot of money into it. I know once I do get it fixed I have sold so def need to figure out an answer ASAP.

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Cam shaft censor was the issue. Put the car in limp mode


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Cam shaft censor was the issue

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the code would only throw up if there is a faulty injector, injector harness is open or shorted out or there is a poor/low electric current, I would check those for that issue and try fix it as it wont do any good over time.  Is it an auto? if so could check the control solenoids and transmission fluid and at a push check the speed sensor as that's what sends the data for the other parts to change gear. only other thing I could think of is something hasn’t been put back correctly or is misaligned after changing the belt.

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