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Mid 2013 revision to the Xbox 360 line of game consoles, featuring 4 USB ports and built-in Wi-Fi connectivity.

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Xbox 360-e red light on HDMI insertion how would I troubleshoot it?

Hey all,

so yeah I grabbed this faulty Xbox 360-e and am looking to fix up the HDMI as when the HDMI is plugged in the light flashes red but otherwise is green troubleshooting says to check with av but the e model only has a HDMI output.

I have some limited soldering experience and have been snooping around here and on YouTube on info about fixing and rghing it (Snapped some photos when I was repasting the box if anyone wants to see the guts).

so I was wondering what I would need to do in terms of troubleshooting this baby and getting it rghed whilst I'm in there

I’m not sure what parts id need I think its a corona v1 but I’m not 100% any help would be appreciated :D Thanks a lot oh yeah how is this in terms of business viability I would love to do this as a send-in repairs business or something similar ive go limited mobility but stuff like this even when I was a kid id get into trouble for taking stuff apart to look inside

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So the xbox does not have the red light when no HDMI is plugged in? Any bent pins in the port?


@casp3rtech had a look all the pins seem straight and the port iself doesnt seem loose or anything like that.

also that's right there is no red light when there is no HDMI plugged in it just goes red once the HDMI is inserted


@James m yeah thats interesting. The port can be bad and can't be seen with the naked eyes or the Xbox itself has an issue. Try plugging In the HDMI to the xbox but not the TV and see if it gets a red light.


i tried plugging in a cord to mine with same problem and untill its plugged into a tv it stays green


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You can troubleshoot to micrsoft

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I have this problem to I found a Xbox that does this with the HDMI. I tested plugging in a cord not into a tv and it stays on. It is when the circuit is complete it shuts down.


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