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Released April 2014; identified by model ILCE-6000. A mirrorless, digital E-mount camera with APS-C Sensor.

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How to fix dropped camera with stuck lens?

My Sony a6000 camera dropped to the concrete from tripod. The body seems fine but the lens (SELP1650) is stuck in a fully extended position. When I tried to turn it on, it said cannot recognize the lens and the lens is not retracted back. I tried gently push it inside but it didn’t budge. Is there any other way to fix it before I bring it to the repairman? Or is it a goner?

Block Image

There is no cracks but the filter is going inside the lens a little bit.

Block Image

Any help is much appreciated.

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Something similar happened to me with a Canon. In some cases, the lens has just jumped out of its guide hence the “crooked” position. In those cases where there hasn’t been any more damage to the lens, it is possible to click it back into position, that has actually saved my Canon lens. The video I found is available here I hope it will help others!

Good luck, stay brave


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