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Which old iPhone or iPad to buy for a senior

I have basically lived with a land line all my life. I’m an old man. I have an iPhone 5 that in pretty good shape. I now find that I can’t use uber or a ring door bell without cellular. I do have an iPad Mini 3 (wi-fi) and I do use it a lot (especially running charges on PayPal.. The iPhone 5 is so small I even have a hard time getting my Apple ID password input correctly. Any texting or messaging I do Is on my desktop Mac Pro. Since I will not be using the phone much, I think I might be much happier with a cellular iPad.

My question is: would I be happier with an older model iPad cellular or an larger old iPhone? What would be your recommendations?

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Hard to answer the question, since you seem to have a satisfactory setup already. The iphone 5 is a bit small indeed but very handy and switching to a Plus or Max iPhone would be a pretty big jump. Personally I don't like any iPhone bigger than 4.7", they don't fit in a number of my pockets, especially most of summertime clothes. Borderline portability of Plus iPhone models was one of the biggest minus I heard about by a number of people. Working space cannot be really compared to that of an iPad mini either. I'd stick with the iPad and consider an upgrade of the iPhone to a 4.7" model that fits more or less everywhere and with zoom enhancement can be easily used also for texting. Best buy right now in my opinion is the iPhone 7, price/quality ratio is great, it's fast, good camera, good battery life and unless one bumps it repeatedly is a solid phone with no major issues.

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My girlfriend is moving from an iPhone 6S to an 11. Apple will give her $80 for a trade in. Should I buy from her?


@mayer I'd say yes for a number of reasons: you know exactly what you're buying. It's a nice phone without major issues and can run even the latest iOs. You'd save one working iPhone from its sad destiny to be ground to raw materials at best. It allows you to try a bigger screen with zero thoughts as, last but not least, price offered by Apple is rockbottom, thus even if you'd find out you hate its size, you can resell it without a loss anytime.


@arbaman Thank so much for your expertise and great advice ;-) I'll follow it.


@mayer You're welcome Sir ;) I'd recommend to explore settings in "brightness and screen" for zoom, text size and night shift warmer colors for best experience with the new display.


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