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The LG V40 ThinQ Android smartphone was released in October 2018. The V40 was LG's first smartphone to feature five total cameras.

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front glass replacement (not the oled)

Where can I find a front glass replacement for my LG V40, and if there is any is it possible just the front glass, not the OLED screen.

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Yes only touch screen


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There is a lot of sellers on eBay selling this part, part is inexpensive but removing the glass from the digitizer and oled screen is the problem, now modern smartphones display are like paper, you can crack the display without the right tools, and the final step the UV Glue or OCA, if you use UV glue is hard to put the right amount and do it flat, and if you use OCA you will need a expensive machines, is not impossible but is not practical.

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To answer your question, all over EBAY and Amazon. As to adhering the OCA Glue to the screen, purchase a vacuum bag food saver from your local store and after you adhere the screen together with the OCA and compress the screen together, then put it in the vacuum food saver for 24 hours and you likely should be good to go.

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