climatronic is intermittent when it wants to work.

I have an Audi A4 Quattro 2.0T ‘11 and my climatronic is intermittent when it wants to work. Some times it works from when I accelerate fast into highways, some times it’s from cornering hard(60-70km/h taking a right or left), or just out of literally no where when driving or starting the car. It worked perfectly when I purchased the vehicle, both heat and air conditioning. It was amazing. Just to mention I always had a problem with a switch in my driver side window but one day it got stuck down, and a guy had to unhook my battery to get it back up. This caused the climatronic intermittent issue. I believe someone removed a code to hide an issue, so I’m just getting the problem fully now. Is this a blower motor fix? That’s what I’m being told by friends with similar vehicles.. someone help it’s getting to be winter. That speaks for itself.

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