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iPod acting crazy apps close, voice control pops up...WTF?

So lately my ipod has been acting stupid...when i push the hibernate button it makes a camera sound and the screen flashes even though there is no camera on this ipod (does not go to hibernate)..the voice control will pop up randomly and make stupid sounds..when im in the gym it likes to switch songs randomly...the screen likes to shift up when im using the home screen and it displays a few icons but i can swipe my finger down and it will go back to normal. wtf is going on??? oh yeah i restored it back to factory defeault and after restoring it it continued to do the same thing...could this be a virus or is my ipod just crazy?

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I don't think it's a virus. Sounds like your home button is shortened out and is causing this odd behavior; hence the snap shot when u press the sleep/wake button and the random closing of apps. Try taking it apart and checking this area and cleaning it out. You might have to replace the home button. Also, do a restore, but restore as new to avoid loading any corrupted files in your backup. This Teardown should help you get to the home button and it's assembly.

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first are you pressing the home and sleep button in the same time that makes a screen shot. next there might be something wrom with your home button and there may be something that keeps pushing it like my brothers iphone and there is something wrong with the display have you dropped it or replaced the screen before? the problem might be because the display is not plugged in right hope this helps

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No i dont think its a display problem because of all the other things going on with it. like the voice control and all also apps like to close out while in use...


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Did you spill anything on it? Try resetting it back to factory and instead of restoring the back up (which could have the possibility of a virus as you mentioned?) try just running it vanilla, try it on a de-authorized iTunes account so it doesn't automatically restore. If its not being "crazy" then you can deduce that its a software problem. Assuming you didn't do that already.

If you did do it that way, and it still did that then it is most likely a hardware issue, might need to take it to Apple :/

Hope this helped


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your home button might be stuck

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