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The Dell Chromebook 11-3120 is an affordable, lightweight laptop that is most commonly used in professional and educational settings.

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Chromebook not powering on?

I have had several Chromebooks that will not turn on for students. They say the battery was charged over night and with in the morning classes the Chromebook will not power on at all. Does anyone have any thoughts?

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If your laptop does not turn on, or does not boot when powered on, there are several steps you can take to try and resolve the issue.

  1. Connect the power cable
  2. Remove and reconnect the battery
  3. Drain the computer of electricity

If you have gone through all of the suggested troubleshooting steps listed above, and your laptop still does not turn on, the problem is likely caused by a hardware failure. More in-depth troubleshooting is required and a hardware repair may also be necessary to fix the problem.

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1 hit power refresh if it doesn’t work then try

2 unplug and re plug in the battery if it doesn’t work then try

3 Take off the bezel then remove the lcd/screen then unplug the screen and re plug in and if it doesn’t work then try

4 unplugging erything from the motherboard and then re put if it doesn’t work then its dead (motherboard) OR TRY USEING A HDMI CABLE AND IF IT SHOWS ON THE TV OR MONITOR THEN ITS A SCREEN CABLE ISSUE OR LCD ISSUE OR MOTHERBOARD ISSUE( screen connector to motherboard issue)

(go to ebay and get a cheap used one for around $10)

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