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Repair guides and disassembly information for Microsoft's third-gen Surface Laptop, released in October of 2019.

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What kind of SSD?

What kind of SSD does the Surface Laptop 3 support? 42mm? is it NVME?

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Hi @vishalpmehta ,

according to Microsoft representatives, it’s an M.2 NVMe SSD. But as they said, it’s not removable by “user” and you need to search “skilled technician” to remove it. I don’t know, the time will show.

You can read the full article on the

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iFixit just published their teardown! Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 (15-inch) Teardown If you jump to Step 6 you can see it. As for possible options Microsoft is using the smallest M.2 size: 2230 which is not a popular size presently.

You also have a chicken and egg problem! As you will need to figure out how to clone the OS and apps over to the replacement drive.

Give it some time, as its just become available. I'm sure someone will figure it out.


I don't see why you couldn't just boot from a USB pre-loaded with the Surface Laptop 3 OS and firmware etc after installing a new drive?


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Solid State Drives - SSD PCIe M.2 2230 512GB Client SSD

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SSD PCIe M.2 2230 256GB, easy to replace 4 screws from back lid and one form SSD

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