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5th generation Apple router released on June 21, 2011. It features wireless n which increases the network speed from the previous model.

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Identify the component please

Block Image

could someone please help me identifying the component marked on the photo ?

thanks in advance !

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Hey Sebastian,

Non Labeled components can be tricky. But I can at least point you in the right direction. First of all, if you’re not familiar with circuit boards, the “L” used in the designation “L1903” indicates that it is an Inductor/Coil/Choke (whatever term you want to use).

you may be able to depopulate it from the board and flip it over. There may be additional markings on the bottom.

Even if someone is extremely familiar with the form factor of that specific inductor knowing it’s exact value may still prove difficult without the BOM (Bill of Materials).

You may want to hit up a google search on how to measure the inductance and resitance of a specific inductor. This will require some additional equipment that i’m not sure you have.

Another tip would be to determine the exact size. Sometimes physical size is a good filter on sites like Mouser or DigiKey

Hopefully this helps in your search.

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Thanks Dustin, i was not sure about the L but my bet was on inductor which unfortunately doesn’t help much because i was looking to eliminate short to ground on that board, all those capacitors to the left and the switch chips two sides are short to ground, the short went away when i removed this component which gave me some hope but i guess as inductors normal behaviour is to conduct, the problem is somewhere else possibly one of those caps... i guess I’ll carry on and test those while the inductor is off, thanks again for the input !


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