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Screen replacement compatible with XR?

My iPhone 11 screen has cracked and I cant find an 11 lcd screen replacement to buy anywhere online to repair myself. After some looking for picture of both the XR and the 11 under the display and the screens itself they look very very similar. Could I possibly buy an XR display and use it on the 11 with it fitting properly?

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XR is not Compatible with 11


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The display modules look the same, but you can’t install the screen from iPhone XR to iPhone 11 because they have technical incompatibilities.

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No. They may look the same but they both have something that prevents you from using a xr screen on a 11

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you cannot interchange 11 & XR or vice versa! See video.

connectors are different.

=== Update (01/02/2023) ===

After reaserching and actually trying a swap from 11 to XR I found they do not work. So no compatability.


I connected an XR screen to an iphone 11 and the display works but touch does not.


I have also plugged an iPhone XR screen onto an 11 only to find out that the touch did not work as someone else said. You can trim the excess width from the display plug and then plug in vice versa from the way the XR screen is suppose to plug in and then you realize the connectors are the same but again, as someone else here answered, technically they are different somehow bc you end up with no touch. I’ve never had any issues switching btwn series 7/7plus and 8/8plus screens tho.


I posted this long ago and recently I have found that they are different FPC connectors on the flex and and the boards, ie sizes do not match. Thanks for your reply. I do know about the 7/7+ and the 8/8+ screens and did you know the batteries also are compatible ie 6s/6s+ with 7/7+, and the 8/8+ I think the X can work for testing purposes as well, not sure cuase I have not tested that yet.


If you flip the connection around they will plug in but touch won't work. I did this about 2 weeks ago.


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