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Miposaur is a robotic dinosaur made by WowWee in 2015 and its model number is OKP0890. This guide will provide resources for and information on repairing a broken Miposaur.

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MiPosaur does not turn on, even with brand new batteries

I recently bought a boxed MiPosaur with trackball, went to go test it out but it wouldn’t turn on, no lights, sounds, motor movements, nothing. I took apart the MiPosaur but nothing seemed out of the ordinary, I was using brand new alkaline batteries and also tested it out with fully recharged rechargeables. Can anyone help?

Also: It seems to power on for a split second (even without batteries) if I spin the wheels fast enough. (both eye lights and mood light turn on)

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The MiPosaur, even if batteries are powering it, will always get a burst of power from rolling it along the ground or rolling the wheels. Mine does not have this problem but will also get a burst of power. If you continue rolling it long enough, the "Low Energy" sequence will play. I tested this by bending over and rolling it in circles.


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Your MiPosaur’s on/off board, motherboard, or battery contacts might have been damaged or broken off. These are the metal strips attached by wires. Ensure the polarity is not incorrect, and try again. Also, ensure no wires are damaged or broken. If this is the case, you may need to solder the parts together or get a technician to do it. If this fixes it, you’re welcome!

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